SmartRoom VDR

SmartRoom Virtual Data Room

BMC Group provides SmartRoom, a powerful cloud-based deal management solution, for due diligence, fundraising, M&A deals, post-merger integration, secure collaboration, restructuring, legal settlements, and medical records analysis. This secure virtual data room (VDR) is easy to set up and use as it does not require any training, hardware, or software. Your teams can confidently share documents, access files, and securely complete due diligence simply via web browser.

SmartRoom offers the highest levels of security, global delivery network with 24/7 support, and deal-grade data room service. The SmartRoom project management team works like you do – in real time.

Premier due diligence, restructuring, bankruptcy, and litigation teams around the world rely on our data room solutions to withstand the toughest situations and support a wide range of uses.

SmartRoom supports many critical business areas including:

Capital Markets

Effectively sharing large volumes of documents among your client’s constituencies can be a complex challenge. Investment bankers, private equity managers, and corporations rely on SmartRoom with the most secure, cost-effective, and efficient document sharing solution available today. Learn More

Legal Solutions

SmartRoom supports legal and regulatory needs by enabling professionals to manage confidential information and accelerate the decision making process. SmartRoom is ideal for online document review in corporate restructurings, bankruptcy asset sales, and litigation. Learn More

Corporate Exchange

SmartRoom is a cost-effective solution for secure document hosting and exchange, enabling corporations to organize, manage, and share critical information quickly. Our clients leverage SmartRoom for corporate development, board reporting, audits, regulatory compliance, and post-merger integration. Learn More

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Restructuring Services

BMC Group delivers proven bankruptcy and restructuring technology services as a leading claims agent supporting asset sales, loan restructuring, bankruptcy contingency planning, legal noticing, claims administration, plan solicitation, and funds distribution. Learn More

Class Action & Mass Tort Services

BMC Group offers superior case administration management technology and support for pre-settlement consulting, legal noticing & class communications, claims management, and settlement fund distribution. Learn More

Medical Records & Clinical Trials

BMC Group provides a flexible online medical record management platform for securely sharing confidential information. With access to our network of highly skilled legal nurse consultants, BMC Group delivers in-depth medical record organization and analysis. Learn More

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