Mergers & Acquisitions and Due Diligence

SmartRoom for Capital Markets

Mergers & Acquisitions and Due Diligence

The art of the deal requires equal parts of business savvy, due diligence and financial acumen. As the deal evolves, it places enormous pressure on limited resources.

SmartRoom provides you with the superior technology, knowledge, services and peace of mind to help you conduct and manage complex M&A due diligence teams. When the stakes are high, SmartRoom helps you maximize deal value by minimizing costly delays and risks.

You can store documents and files in a secure database that allows the company and its intermediaries to follow the footprint of all bidders. This audit trail enables sellers to mitigate their risk on post-close disclosure claims since they will know exactly when and where data was uploaded, viewed, printed and saved.

SmartRoom provides a secure virtual data room platform, responsive customer service and unmatched expertise allowing your key players to securely share documents, streamline workflows, collaborate with additional partners and prepare data for future use. Information is securely available anywhere, any time. Expand your reach to collaborate regardless of time zones or geographies.

For divestitures and asset sales, speed up the due diligence process by bringing the entire process online allowing multiple interested buyers to conduct due diligence simultaneously.

SmartRoom safeguards material information from falling into the wrong hands by preventing documents from being forwarded and generating a watermark when printed. There is a complete audit history of all activity providing a record of what was disclosed and reviewed for legal and compliance purposes. This allows you to protect valuable corporate information by controlling who sees which documents, and when.

Supports a wide range of needs:

  • Sell-side mandates
  • Buy-side target review
  • Asset-backed security data review
  • Small business ownership transfers
  • Private equity or venture capital funding activity
  • Family business succession
  • Venture capital/private equity liquidity events
  • Commercial and corporate real estate ventures, liquidations
  • Bankruptcies and corporate debt restructuring

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