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SmartRoom for Corporate Exchange

SmartRoom for Corporate Development

Securely tracking documentation of identified acquisition targets, communicating financial disclosures during corporate re-financing, and divesting assets is a challenge for many corporate development professionals. Email folders, open source online file sharing, and file transfer protocol (FTP) solutions are not secure and do not provide an organized method to share and monitor the exchange of large volumes of documentation. SmartRoom provides a secure, cloud-based data room ensuring that confidential documents are securely shared among approved constituents in real-time inside and outside your organization.

Why Choose SmartRoom?

Safeguard Your Critical Data

Your documents are safe in SmartRoom’s premier hosting environment, complete with SAS-70 Type II certified security, 128-bit encryption, local data mirroring and remote data redundancy. As you load or view documents, our virtual data room protects your data using secure tokens, SSL encryption, proprietary protocols and 1024-bit encryption.

Secure Document Viewing

After you upload data to your virtual data room, you can make it immediately available to your users based on unique user security profiles, keeping due diligence teams on track to deliver on time and on budget. Our solution allows authorized users to view information in native formats without the need for conversion. For added security, you can render information for on-screen viewing only, eliminating the caching that would leave behind a “fingerprint” on a local hard drive.

Reduce Risks

SmartRoom provides the industry’s most advanced physical, software and site administration security controls for managing data room user access and permissions. We perform regular risk assessment and testing procedures to ensure maximum protection against the toughest security threats. Our virtual data room platform allows you to configure password aging and session times according to your company’s preferences.

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