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Bankruptcy Documentation Support

Companies encountering uncertain times trust a myriad of professionals to navigate the choppy waters: debtor's counsel, financial advisors, accountants, and tax and administrative support--all working in concert towards a successful outcome. Secure, shared, accurate, and up-to-date information is essential to all parties involved in the process.

The confidentiality level and sheer volume of data shared between the company, professionals, and key constituents can be considerable. BMC Group offers SmartRoom, an award-winning virtual data room, for secure document exchange during critical events such as distressed business sale. SmartRoom securely facilitates the debtor and debtor's counsel, and all other parties-in-interest, by consolidating all materials typically related to a distressed M&A due diligence process.

In the past, multiple parties representing buyers and the debtor would meet for weeks to review documentation related to the distressed sale. SmartRoom offers an efficient, expeditious, and cost-effective alternative by providing around-the-clock access to sensitive materials needed by all parties-in-interest. SmartRoom provides encryption software, firewalls, and other continually audited measures to keep documents secure.

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SmartRoom’s dedicated, cloud-based platform allows key players to securely share documents, collaborate and streamline workflows. Learn More

Litigation Support

BMC Group helps lawyers and their clients effectively manage the full litigation lifecycle. Our approach controls expenses and dramatically reduces the time it takes for lawyers to share critical documentation between constituencies. Learn More

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