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SmartRoom VDR

Fast, Affordable Virtual Data Room (VDR)

SmartRoom is a fast and affordable virtual data room that allows you to securely access, collaborate on, and monitor deal documentation. With real-time reporting and audit trails, SmartRoom provides the most advanced functionality at the lowest price. Use SmartRoom to securely conduct M&A due diligence, fundraising, post-merger integration, corporate reporting, and more.

Prices starting at $395


Deal-Grade Service
24/7/365 Support
Dedicated Project Management
Planning call, support & site configuration.
Pricing Transparency
Track project costs ensuring no hidden fees.
Branded Website
Brand room and login page with logos and colors at no additional charge.
Audit Reports
Detailed audits of project activity.
Dimensional Security
Sophisticated site administration security controls, manage user access, and each room uses a segregated database.
Configurable Document Watermarking
Document watermarks based on user rights modifiable for print, access level, project name, user name, and date/access time.

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