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Our consulting and settlement administration experience reaches back nearly four decades to MDL-10 (In re Multidistrict Civil Antitrust Actions Involving Antibiotic Drugs). Since then, our experts have led the economic analysis of antitrust litigation (In re Corrugated Container Antitrust Litigation, MDL 310) and helped develop statistical models to determine the existence and impact of discrimination (Rajender v. University of Minnesota, No. 4-73-435 (D.Minn)).

We provide precise, innovative solutions that reduce the time from settlement to distribution, ensure effective communication with clients and class members, and cut administrative costs without sacrificing quality.

Subject Matter Expertise

Our antitrust litigation team includes notice experts and industrial organization economists. BMC Group has unmatched experience and expertise as it relates to direct and indirect purchaser antitrust litigation. Whether it is a streamlined notice program or a unique distribution process, BMC Group consistently delivers cost savings through innovation.

Client Service That Minimizes Your Administrative Burden

At BMC Group, we get the job done quickly, effectively, and efficiently. Our investments in processes, tools, and technologies allow us to reduce the time between the filing of claims and the distribution of settlement funds. All consulting services are performed in house, with nothing shipped to offshore third parties. This provides us with greater control over results and tighter data security. Clients also have the convenience of a single, fully dedicated point of contact within BMC Group. Our attention to the needs of our clients, superior technology, and collaborative approach combine to create the best solution for our clients’ class action consulting needs.

Long Term Perspective

Our success is based on a long-term perspective that places a premium upon the needs of our clients and class members. From expert opinions regarding the structure of settlements, to our diligence in ensuring that class members receive plain language information regarding the litigation and claims, as well as a timely payment, our consulting process is designed to accommodate the practical needs and concerns of our clients.

Expert Notice Leading Technology

BMC Group knows the importance of leveraging new technologies to providing accurate notice to as many class members as possible in every case. We understand the importance maximizing the
reach notice campaigns. We design innovative notice programs that leverage all of today’s available communication tools, including social media outlets. These programs cost- effectively reach class members and protect settlements from collateral attack.

Compliance and Information Security

Our processes, technology and systems are thoroughly audited to meet the highest standards of accuracy, integrity, and confidentiality. We have an Authority to Operate under the Federal Information Security Management Act (“FISMA”) and undergo annual SOC 2 (formerly SAS70) audits to demonstrate readiness under regulatory statutes such as Sarbanes-Oxley, the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act and HIPAA. In fact, our standards are high enough that the Federal agencies responsible for enforcing data privacy laws are counted among our clients. Regardless of a client’s compliance requirements, BMC Group will exceed their expectations.

Case experience includes:

  • Red Eagle Resources Corporation, Inc., et al. v. Baker Hughes Inc., et al.
  • Rob'n I, Inc., et al. v. Uniform Code Counsel, Inc.
  • Sarah F. Hall d/b/a Travel Specialist, et al. v. United Airlines, Inc., et al.

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We provide precise, innovative solutions that reduce the time from settlement to distribution, ensure effective communication with clients and class members, and cut administrative costs without sacrificing quality. Learn More

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