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BMC Group Team Leadership

Sean Allen

Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder

Since co-founding BMC Group in 1998, Sean Allen has lead the company from a single client startup to a global provider of technology and services. Under his leadership, BMC Group has expanded internationally while maintaining its innovative culture. His engineering and process improvement background in the automotive, legal and medical industries drives the company’s efforts toward industry leading solutions. With a focus on operationalizing complex processes while increasing data security, Mr. Allen oversees the company’s technical development and business strategy. Mr. Allen received a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Gonzaga University.


Tinamarie Feil

President of Client Services and Co-Founder

Tinamarie Feil is co-founder and the President of Client Services of BMC Group. Tinamarie has 30 years experience directing various aspects of corporate compliance, communications, insolvency case administration, as well as the due diligence process in major merger & acquisition transactions. She currently sits on the Board of Directors of the American Bankruptcy and is Committee Leader of IWIRC’s delegation to the United Nations Committee on International Trade Law (Working Group V, Insolvency). Tinamarie is a frequent author and speaker. Articles she has authored include “Planning a Smooth Chapter 11 Distribution Process;” “Quick, or Not So Quick, Sales Under Chapter 11;” “What About the Cloud;” "Concerns Surrounding the Transmission of Personally Identifiable Information;" and co-authored "Claims Trading Promotes Ownership Concentration.” Tinamarie is an active member of Turnaround Management Association, the American Bankruptcy Institute, the Association for Corporate Growth and INSOL International. In addition, Ms. Feil is committed to community service, mentoring, and physical and mental well-being. Her favorite organizations include Kids Co., Ronald McDonald House and Step Up Women's Network. Ms. Feil is based in New York.


Jeff Kalina

Executive Vice President

Jeff Kalina has more than 24 years of experience working in companies ranging from multi-national consulting firms and publicly traded internet ventures to private entrepreneur entities. For the last 15 years, Mr. Kalina has led the creation and development of SmartRoom, an ultra-secure virtual data room technology and service that enables companies to make informed decisions during strategic transactions, such as mergers and acquisitions. Mr. Kalina also oversees BMC Group’s corporate development and strategic alliance initiatives. Prior to joining BMC Group, Mr. Kalina worked for Move Inc. as a Director of Operations Planning and M&A Transactions. Previous to employment at BMC Group Inc. and Move Inc., Mr. Kalina held various positions as an auditor and was a Manager of Assurance and Business Advisory Services for PricewaterhouseCoopers. Mr. Kalina holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration and Accounting from the University of Illinois at Chicago.


Michael Eco

Director of Operations, Asia

Michael Eco is the head of BMC Group's Asia Pacific regional business unit. Mr. Eco has over 18 years of cross-functional management experience spanning engineering & product development, quality management, sales & business development, and general management with multinational corporations. Prior to joining BMC Group, Mr. Eco spent 12 years in the automotive industry where he has led his previous organization to the coveted ISO-9002 and QS-9000 certifications as quality management representative. He actively participated and led in product engineering, product launches, and sales and market development across Asia. Mr. Eco is very much a systems and operations person having held certifications as 3rd party auditor for ISO-9000 and ISO-14000, and currently certified as a master project manager. He is also admitted as a fellow in the American Academy of Project Management. In 2000, Mr. Eco co-established GlobalMind, a boutique IT company of 12 people building static and ecommerce websites, touchscreen multimedia kiosks, and the first generation of CGI & flash interactive and non-interactive multimedia presentations. The business successfully sold at the tailend of the dotcom period. Mr. Eco holds a BS in Chemistry from the University of San Carlos, a certification in COBOL programming, and is a candidate for Masters in Business Economics from the University of Asia and the Pacific, Philippines.



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