Restructuring & Bankruptcy

Restructuring & Bankruptcy

Restructuring & Bankruptcy Overview

Restructuring, in or out of court, is a dynamic, strategy-driven process that challenges the debtor and other involved professionals to respond to emerging issues and conflicting priorities in an inherently reactive environment. BMC Group partners with the debtor and debtor's counsel, financial advisors, accountants, creditors, lenders, and other parties-in-interest to consolidate all materials related to a debtor's restructuring case. In addition, BMC Group‘s wide variety of claims agent services lowers cost and reduces risk in order to achieve the most profitable outcome.

BMC Group is focused on integrating experienced people, best practice processes, and innovative technologies to give the diverse working team the right resources for solving challenges and taking immediate actions.

Restructuring Services include:

Claims Administration

BMC Group dedicated Project Management Team reviews case materials and documents for claims administration and solicitation procedures to establish and communicate a shared understanding of case requirements and project expectations.

Legal Noticing

BMC Group noticing services emphasize perfecting the notice – reviewing documents to determine notice parties and following quality assurance practices to ensure accurate preparation, production, and service of notices. Our team serves notices in a variety of ways including U.S. postal, expedited courier, fax blast, and email services.

Treasury Management & Distribution

BMC Group offers complete, integrated solutions for treasury management and distribution services designed to efficiently manage every aspect of capital, from maximizing investment performance to fund distribution and tax reporting. And you can be assured that all of our treasury management services are subject to rigorous quality standards, fraud prevention, and distribution controls.

Technology Services

More BMC Group Solutions

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