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To further extend the value of SmartRoom, BMC Group collaborates with leading global reseller partners throughout the United States, Europe, and Asia. SmartRoom partners offer value-add services for deal marketing, document translation services, financial print, and more.


Our resellers partners include:



DealCloud integrates SmartRoom technology into its deal marketing and management solution. DealCloud is a web-based platform that is leveraged by investment bankers to more efficiently manage their deal marketing and sponsor coverage efforts. DealCloud is a great efficiency tool that helps streamline the entire deal process (pre-marketing through diligence), while offering several free information resource and networking features.



Codex Global is Europe’s only integrated translation, print, and market research company with more than 25 years’ experience in delivering innovative solutions to blue chip organizations across all market sectors. At the heart of Codex’s services is security. The company has provided customers with secure printing and data management solutions for more than two decades, from printing financial and legal documentation through typesetting international examination papers and overseeing employee security vetting.


CLS Communication

CLS Communication is one of the largest language services providers in the world. Offices in Europe, Asia, and North America give the company global flexibility around the clock. CLS’s core business is translation, writing, and editing in the banking and finance, insurance, telecommunications, life sciences, and legal industries. More than 600 in-house and 3,000 external language and subject matter experts write, edit, and translate texts in any language. This latest technology ensures the highest levels of security and confidentiality, and CLS’s team of dedicated project managers provide exceptional client service.

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BMC Group has partnered with iOptus to provide SmartRoom. SmartRoom provides highly flexible transaction and integration software applications for M&A professionals. SmartRoom is utilizing the iOptus 24/7 confidential and secure document support service for the legal, financial and corporate sectors. iOptus dramatically speeds up the process of identifying, reviewing and managing relevant data files. Their focus is to perfect techniques and processes which allow our clients to make better informed decisions at the earliest possible point. With its large scanning and printing facility in the city of London, iOptus gives SmartRoom’s clients the opportunity to scan and print large size time critical and confidential document projects in the heart of London.



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