BMC Group Solutions

BMC Group Solutions

BMC Group takes the time to understand your needs and delivers quality service and value every time. Dedicated to delivering smart services and leveraging state of the art technologies, BMC Group solutions focus on the urgent demands of our clients - where speed, accuracy, and security are paramount. Financial and legal professionals look to BMC Group for administrative support in facilitating corporate growth transactions and complex legal settlements. We provide a full range of services utilizing cloud-based, secure technology for due diligence, M&A, restructuring, bankruptcy, insolvency, class action, mass tort, and medical record settlements.

Business Diligence

BMC Group leverages SmartRoom, an award-winning virtual data room to manage M&A due diligence, financial transactions, and legal documents, and for sharing confidential corporate information in an ultra-secure online workspace. The solution offers cost effective round-the-clock BMC Group team service combined with an ultra secure, simple, intuitive platform. Learn More

Medical Record Review

BMC Group provides a flexible online medical record management platform for securely sharing confidential information. With access to our network of highly skilled legal nurse consultants, BMC Group delivers in-depth medical record organization and analysis. Learn More

Class Action & Mass Tort Services

BMC Group offers superior case administration management technology and support for pre-settlement consulting, legal noticing and class communications, claims management, and settlement fund distribution. Learn More

Restructuring Services

BMC Group delivers proven bankruptcy and restructuring technology and services as a leading claims agent supporting asset sales, loan restructuring, bankruptcy contingency planning, legal noticing, claims administration, plan solicitation, and funds distribution. Learn More

More About BMC Group

About BMC Group

BMC Group clients are leading investment banks, private equity firms, hedge funds, government agencies, insurance carriers, trustees, healthcare providers, and Fortune 1000 corporations. Learn More

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