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As your executive management team works with the multitude of professionals to assist you during a restructuring, BMC Group is a trusted information management agent providing a centralized repository for all materials related to your case. Depending on the strategic direction of your case, BMC Group offers a wide variety of administration services that reduce cost, lower risk, and support enhancing the value of your company. If you proceed with the restructuring outside of court, BMC Group can assist your financial team with researching shareholder and bondholder identification. If it is concluded that the restructuring occur in court, BMC Group can assist your company as your claims agent developing the plan for reorganization, solicit tax information, ballot receipt and tabulation services, develop and execute on serving notices, and funds distribution to all qualified parties.

BMC Group is about delivering value – by ensuring our clients receive the best service in the industry. Our client’s success is what drives our business.

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