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Treasury Management & Distribution

BMC Group has the knowledge and experience to execute any disbursement successfully, whether it is a single, automated event or recurring distribution. BMC Group’s proactive approach controls every aspect of the disbursement process, including cash flow management, bank account analysis, and quality control. Following rigorous security and quality standards that exceed those set within the banking and federal government sectors, BMC Group ensures that all funds and data are properly secured and managed. With our distribution center being SAS 70-certified, we have been entrusted by such stringent regulatory bodies as gi the federal government to manage funds on their behalf.

Our distribution process includes:

  • Controlled disbursement
  • Cash management
  • Investment management
  • Escrow services
  • Tax reporting (1099, 1098, and W-2)
  • Qualified Settlement Fund tax reporting

Tax Services

Our tax professionals ensure that all IRS compliance requirements are met in a timely and accurate manner. Whether we work in collaboration with your accountant or manage the process directly, BMC Group can be counted on to deliver:

  • Tax reporting (1099, 1098, and W2)
  • Qualified Settlement Fund tax reporting
  • Grantor trust tax reporting

The BMC Group carefully controls each step of the process to provide maximum security and protection — giving our clients complete peace-of-mind that funds are distributed as accurately and efficiently as possible.

Once the client or court approves a distribution, BMC Group starts the process of issuing checks to claimants. We maintain complete and separate check registers for all distributions, including:

  • Claim or reference number
  • Date and amount of issuance
  • Payee name and address
  • Date cashed

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