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Data Management Services

BMC Group provides data management services for the debtor and its professional services including maintaining Schedules of Assets and Liabilities (Schedules) and Statement of Financial Affairs (SOFA) review, approval, and distribution. The Project Management team determines the entire scope of documentation expected for the project and identifies project scheduling, status of tasks, and post-case deliverables. BMC Group maintains all this data and information related to the project and makes available critical case details including all hearing dates and deadlines, notices, service lists, and status of return mail processing.

Key activities include:

  • Provides debtor with overview of schedules and SOFA requirements.

  • Establishes procedures and responsibilities for data collection and verification.

  • Leverages information gathering efforts to include future requirements affecting reclamation claims validation, contract and lease management, and preference analysis.

  • Develops and implements processes for gathering draft information, tracking and reporting changes and new information, schedule and coordinate review sessions.

  • Supplements debtor’s resources as necessary to timely gather information.

  • Documents and archives detailed debtor back-up.

  • Delivers register of scheduled claims.

  • Prepares custom proof of claim forms based on scheduled liabilities.

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