Class Action & Mass Tort Administration

Why BMC Group?

  • Innovation
  • Expertise
  • Cost Effective
  • Global Scalability
  • International Operations


Expertise Across Legal Practice Areas

With nearly four decades of combined team experience, BMC Group has subject-matter expertise spanning a full range of class litigation practice areas, including:


Our consulting and settlement administration experience reaches back nearly four decades. Since then, our experts have led the economic analysis of antitrust litigation and helped develop statistical models to determine the existence and impact of discrimination. (read more)

Consumer/Product Liability

BMC Group consistently delivers cost savings through innovation. Whether it is a streamlined notice program or a unique distribution process, we provide precise, creative solutions that reduce the time from settlement to distribution, ensure effective communication with clients and class members, and cut administrative costs — without sacrificing quality. (read more)


BMC Group employs a unique approach to wage and hour settlements that ensures top-notch quality. Our highly skilled, dedicated team of experts from across the organization works to accurately execute every settlement — and maximize every dollar spent. (read more)


With combined team expertise, BMC Group has 25 years of experience administering securities litigation settlements, including the first "junk-bond" securities litigation settlement, global classes of investors, and settlements involving nearly two million investors. (read more)

Governmental Agencies

BMC Group has extensive experience interfacing with, and administering claims funds on behalf of, federal, state, and local governmental agencies. (read more)