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Private Equity Portfolio Management

The nature of private equity funds – various investments with a common risk/return strategy – implies influence, and sometimes direct involvement, in critical matters that cross organizational and sometimes geographic divides. As many corporate organizations will attest, the secure cloud provides a great environment for sharing ideas and managing toward common objectives across firewalls. Top-tier solutions provide the ability to share notes, quickly post and reorganize content, and communicate bulletin-board style within the site, making it easier for your team to monitor or drive results in operating companies held by a fund. Once it is determined that a liquidity event is imminent, firms are well prepared to share data if they are managing their content in the cloud.

Certainly, it helps to jump-start due diligence when the information is already organized and ready for review. Secure cloud technology is also extremely helpful for presenting content to regulators and lenders, and is speeding those processes as well. Deals without financing and regulatory complications are able to close within just a few weeks, in large part because all the critical data for the asset was maintained in a secure cloud platform. To ensure your ability to seize arising opportunities, the best practice requires preparation, and the secure cloud is the ideal staging area for this content.

Secure cloud technology offers process improvement opportunities throughout the fund life cycle, from fund-raise and investment to exit and cash distribution. Solutions for managing fund information are readily available, but only a few providers can deliver the flexibility and rigorous security needed by PE Funds for managing proprietary data to best advantage. SmartRoom is designed to accomplish secure document management processes with great efficiency. An intuitive application that is also highly flexible, SmartRoom incorporates the highest standards of security. SmartRoom includes powerful utilities that make site loading and management easy, and can be customized at no extra charge to take on the logo and colors that represent your firm. Most importantly, a SmartRoom engagement includes 24/7 user assistance and a truly consultative approach to project management, which ensures that your needs are met as effectively and efficiently as possible. SmartRoom can help you differentiate your firm as one that leverages leading-edge technology to manage core processes efficiently.