SmartRoom Virtual Data Room

Why SmartRoom?

  • Deal Grade Support
  • Global Delivery
  • SmartRoom Modifications

SmartRoom offers many different services virtually every kind of business transaction:

Deal Grade Support

Six Sigma quality teams have taught us to purse zero defects. That pursuit requires a flexible platform, proven processes to follow, and experienced people to guide and help execute along with you. We understand these interdependencies like no one else. That’s why we have built our dedicated deal grade project management team. Our professionals have designed and implemented hundreds of data rooms for the largest and most complicated deals in the world.

Project Management

Your SmartRoom includes a dedicated project team that provides global, 24×7 support services that follow the sun and follow your deal across datelines, continents, currencies, and languages. A project manager guides you through the secure document management process ensuring that only the right people have access to the right information.

Global Delivery

SmartRoom meets the requirements that international audiences demand. Traditional virtual data room providers can support deals with multiple language support but fall short with true global hosting capabilities. The dramatic increase in the global delivery of transactions brings with it more complexity in the due-diligence process. SmartRoom supports all time zones, is available across all seven continents, backs multi-currencies, and is available in eight languages.

Dimensional Security

Our solution provides the most advanced dimensional security controls of any virtual data room on the market.

Real-Time Deployment

SmartRoom works like you work, making information instantly available to your users based on their unique security profiles.