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About SmartRoom:

01. What is SmartRoom?

SmartRoom is a secure web platform that enables our clients to conduct Due Diligence transactions on the web. Using it, our clients are able to save time and money and improve their business processes substantially.

02. What Functionality Does the System Provide?

The system provides Document Sharing and Viewing, Multimedia, Secure Communication, and Deal Monitoring.

03. How easy is it to access your web-platform?

The SmartRoom is available wherever and whenever you have access to the Internet. The system is most effective if you access it over a high bandwidth network (e.g. DSL or corporate networks). Our helpdesk is available 24 hours a day every day of the year for the SmartRoom Manager and the individual users.

04. What are the system requirements to access the SmartRoom?

The SmartRoom can be accessed across multiple browsers and operating systems:

  • Safari version 4.0 or newer on a Macintosh OS version 10.5 or newer.

  • Firefox version 3.6 or newer on a Windows OS, preferably XP or newer.

  • Internet Explorer version 6 or newer on a Windows OS, preferably XP or newer.

Please note that you must have the latest version of the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) installed for the site to function optimally. This can be installed at

A DSL connection or a corporate network delivers the best performance. In addition, a special PDF viewer, the BDRViewer, is available for viewing documents in which confidentiality is critical. This viewer will automatically run when clicking on any document.


05. Who controls the deal?

The SmartRoom Manager initiates the deal and is provided master access to the deal by the project coordinator. The SmartRoom Manager determines who can have access to a specific deal through a special e-mail invitation process and controls their level of access. The SmartRoom Manager also uploads the deal documents and manages them.

06. What information about me do you keep on file? Who owns that, what else do they do with it?

We keep only the information that you see displayed in your account profile in addition to the document(s) that you have uploaded and/or viewed. To ensure maximum privacy, this information is stored in a secure encrypted database. Additionally, all data are treated confidentially and will be used solely for transaction related purposes. Your account password is only known to you; therefore nobody else can access your account at any time for any reason.

07. How can I be assured that my e-mail address or other information isn’t going to be sold to spammers?

Our stated policy prevents anyone from selling your email address to anyone at any time under any circumstance.

08. How secure is the site?

The SmartRoom uses 1024-bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL). SSL is information technology that allows secure transfer of sensitive information over the Internet. It takes a message and runs it through a set of steps that "scrambles" it so that the message is secured for transfer. This "scrambling" is called encryption. When the message is received by the intended recipient, SSL "unscrambles" the message, and then verifies that it has not been tampered with.

09. How many times can I change my password?

There is no limit to the number of password changes possible.

Accessing SmartRoom:

10. Can I log in with my username and password on another computer?

Yes, this site can be accessed from any terminal from anywhere in the world.

11. Can someone else log in with my username and password on another computer? Could this be traced somehow?

This is not allowed as referenced in the Privacy and Confidentiality agreement you agreed to upon entering this website. Not under any circumstances is your password and/or username public information or communicable to any other person. If you suspect that another person has access to your information you should contact Customer Support and request that your password be reset in order to prevent any potential security breach.

12. How do I get access to a deal?

When you are invited to a deal by the SmartRoom Manager, you will receive an e-mail invitation with your username and password. Your username will consist of your e-mail address. Use your username and password to log into the system.

13. I received an invitation with username & password, but I’m getting an error message when I try to login. Why?

Make sure your CAPS LOCK key isn’t on. System passwords are case specific. Instead of typing your information, try cutting and pasting your username and password into the text boxes.

14. I forgot my password. What do I do?

You may request your password by email via the “Forgot Password?” link, or as always our Customer Support team is standing by to assist in anyway.

15. I haven't received any emails, and I was supposed to be invited to a deal. What’s wrong?

Your email may be blocked by a SPAM filter. HOTMAIL and YAHOO place unsolicited emails directly in Bulk or Junk inboxes. Also, a company’s firewall may block incoming emails. Check with your IT department.

16. I can’t access the URL from my email invitation. Why not?

HOTMAIL and YAHOO can 'strip' information from URL's, which doesn’t allow users to click on the link. Reset your filter to accept emails from our URL and ask your SmartRoom Manager to resend the email.

17. If I have multiple deals, can I use the same password for all of them?

Yes, you can use the same password for multiple deals, but you must change your password from the one you were given in your email by using the "change password" option. For security purposes, you will be prompted for your new password each time you log in or change deals.

Using SmartRoom:

18. How do I get to the documents?

After you accept the Confidentiality Agreement, you will be forwarded to the Welcome page. On the left side of this page you will see selectable options to “View by Index” or “View by List”. These options will give you an index view or a list view of all of the documents contained within the SmartRoom. Simply click on the document titles to view them.

19. Is there an online help function?

Yes. Throughout the site there are question marks () that, when hovered over, display helpful information specific to the function associated with that question mark. There is also a “Help” menu. This menu contains documents with more detailed information about the functionalities of the SmartRoom including a full user guide. In the upper right portion of the SmartRoom you can select the “Support” button, which will provide you with further information including our customer support phone numbers.

20. How do I remove a document?

You must have permission from the SmartRoom Manager to remove documents. If you are a SmartRoom Manager you can delete documents directly from the index by right-clicking on the document, selecting “More Actions”, and then selecting “Delete File”.

This can also be done using the File Manager application using the same method. Please reach out to our support team if you are a SmartRoom Manager and have not yet received this application.

21. Can I upload multiple documents?

You must have permission from the SmartRoom Manager to upload multiple documents. If you have permission, go to the Document Index, right-click on any existing folder and select “Upload Folders/Documents”. This will create a ‘Drop Zone’ window to which files can be dropped into and uploaded.

You may also use our File Manager application. Please reach out to our support team if you are a SmartRoom Manager and have not yet received this application.

22. How can I invite another user?

You must have permission from the SmartRoom Manager to invite users. If you have permission to invite a new user, click on "SmartRoom Manager”, select the “Add/Edit Users” menu, and then select “Invite Users”. Within this menu fill out the appropriate fields and then click “Send Invite”. This will generate an email invitation to the specified user.

SmartRoom Sales & Support Lines

Asia: 852 800-930-643
Brazil: 0800 722 0545
Europe: 00 800 3325 7666
Japan: 0120 974 858
North America: 1 877 332 5739

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