Call Centers for Class Communications

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Call Centers for Class Communications

BMC Group provides a configurable call center service for your business. Depending on your particular needs, you can define how we configure our support structure. BMC Group call center support services are available abroad for lower cost options and available in the United States. By managing our contact-centers on-site, we can rapidly launch a litigation support center (in less than two days, if needed) and implement system updates on a same day basis.

In addition, BMC Group provides class communications for legal teams. Our call centers provide class members with easy-to-access, plain language answers to their questions regarding litigation and their rights, in a way that minimizes the costs of claims administration.

BMC Group Technical Infrastructure

BMC Group’s enterprise grade infrastructure can handle more than 1,000 simultaneous calls, and includes:

  • An Interactive Voice Response (“IVR”) system with full database integration that may be used to provide class members with automated communications regarding their claims and the specifics of a settlement

  • Skills based routing which ensures the highest trained and available agent is available

  • Automated queuing of fax, chat, email, and social media to call center agents, ensuring that class members are provided with controlled support

  • Advanced call monitoring and recording to ensure that class members are receiving accurate information regarding the settlement

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