CLE Course 2 on Class Action Topics

(1 Hour Course)

CLE Course 2: Protection of Client Data in Class Action Litigation

This course examines recent developments in data privacy law, ethics opinions issued by various state bar associations, and the responsibility of attorneys to protect the confidentiality of client information when it is entrusted to outside firms.

This course will discuss the nature of data privacy as well as the due diligence, contractual and practical steps that can be taken to protect the confidentiality of client data and minimize the risk of unauthorized release or use of client data.

An outline of key topics includes:

1. Developments in Cloud Computing

2. Data Maintained Regarding Class Members and Mass Tort Clients

3. Ethical Considerations

  • Data Breach Incidents
  • Ethics Opinions
    • Reasonable Care Standards
    • Due Diligence

4. Data Security in Practice

  • Due Diligence, Simplified
  • Information Security Addendum
  • Practical Considerations in Protecting Client Data in Designing Settlements

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