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Many law firms look to develop a more efficient process throughout the opt-in period and settlement to save time and expense. Developing planning strategies and early assessments to contain costs is essential for a seamless process. BMC Group delivers proven class action services for employment litigation administration that will increase efficiency, mitigate risk, and reduce costs.

Subject Matter Expertise

BMC Group provides best practice processes to facilitate a successful notice and settlement administration. We organize claimant information and designs uniquely tailored claimant databases to capture all relevant information. BMC Group also utilizes advanced research services such as the U.S. Postal Service’s National Change of Address (NCOA) program and other skip trace methods to effectively capture claimant addresses, all while reducing your costs.

Client Service That Minimizes Your Administrative Burden

BMC Group processes consent forms and provides clients with daily reporting that includes alphabetized reports with hyperlinks to consent forms. With our flexible processes and systems, we can tailor online consent form filing based on your requirements. Upon settlement, BMC Group provides payroll tax expertise to calculate the distributions and tax withholdings of all class members.

Expert Notice Leading Technology

BMC Group provides flexible noticing options throughout the opt-in period. Before noticing takes place, our project managers work with your team to develop pre-planning strategies and early assessments to identify the optimal, most cost-effective noticing plan.

Compliance and Information Security

BMC Group helps you effectively and efficiently manage your claims information in a secure, certified data center. Our advanced technology services also enable you to monitor data with fraud detection capabilities.

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