Global Claims Processing

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Global Claims Processing

BMC Group has been a leader in developing claims processing methods and providing clients with high-quality, cost-effective solutions. From settlements involving fewer than 100 class members to engagements requiring analysis of more than 100 million records, BMC Group has the resources and knowledge necessary to facilitate the claims process and ensure that each class member receives the full amount to which they are entitled.

Claims Processing Services include:

  • Traditional (paper) claims processing

  • Online claims preparation, submission, and processing

  • Alternate dispute resolution

  • Secure data archives

  • Document imaging and OCR

We process every claim completely, allowing our systems to identify the potential value of deficient claims and streamline the process. Our complete claims processing also minimizes those unfortunate situations where class members are asked to correct a deficient claim, only to be told later that they will receive nothing from the settlement fund.

An Integrated Way to Manage Claims

BMC Group has poured nearly 40 years of experience into creating our global claims facility, proprietary software and infrastructure for managing and administering class action and mass tort settlements.

The global claims facility integrates class member notification and communications, claims processing, and settlement fund distributions. We can receive claims from any of our worldwide locations, process them in Minneapolis, and mail checks from Los Angeles. To date, global claims facility has successfully administered more than one billion unique transactions — and we continually update and refine the system to meet ever-changing requirements.

Global claims facility is actually the only online claims submission process that has been reviewed, tested, and approved for use by the Federal Trade Commission – the agency tasked with enforcing consumer protection and data privacy laws.

Claims Management Portal

Global claims facility includes our Claims Management Portal, which provides 24/7, web-based access to case and class member information. This portal gives users:

  • Sophisticated capabilities to manage individual claim review deadlines (including court calendars)

  • Email and portal-based alerts of case milestones, including receipt of specific client forms, receipt of objections, requests for exclusion, or other claim activity

  • Secure, case-specific portals with real-time status of notices sent, claims received, and critical metrics

To maintain confidentiality, as well as attorney-client privilege, comments on each account are created and shared within an encrypted environment.

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