Class Action & Mass Tort Technology

Global Claims Processing Portal and Reporting

BMC Group provides a global claims processing portal that includes 24/7, web-based access to case and class member information and critical reporting metrics. Users gain access to claim review deadlines including court calendars. The portal also includes email and portal-based alerts of case milestones and receipt of specific client forms, receipt of objections, requests for exclusion, or other claim activity. The secure, case-specific portals offer real-time status of notices sent, claims received, and other critical metrics. To maintain confidentiality, as well as attorney-client privilege, comments on each account are created and shared within the encrypted environment.

Litigation Management

BMC Group's portal and reporting service also includes access to a secure web platform for Special Master, Plaintiff, and Defense counsel to independently review and approve claims. With the system, claimant files can be created online, and claims can be collaboratively reviewed and scored. Additionally, authorized individuals can interface directly with the database and make claim-specific determinations.

Core information regarding litigants – including law firm information, litigant data, and discovery — can be easily managed through the platform’s unified framework. Global claims facility integrates class member notification and communications, claims processing, and settlement fund distributions. To date, BMC Group has used global claims facility to successfully administer more than one billion unique transactions.

Assuming a potential settlement, counsel can run reports or simplify information in portals to allow clients to assess settlement value in volumes of cases. Reporting includes:

  • Integrated financial status and forecasting

  • Up-to-date information on case count, exposure, and expense

  • Aggregate rollup reporting and management dashboard

  • Standardized medical-legal workup

  • Efficient, paperless, centralized medical record review and analysis

  • Standardized analysis format with fully electronic, hyperlinked work product and delivery

  • Centralized forms, research and intelligence sharing

  • Centralized forms, research, and intelligence library with integrated utilization monitoring

  • Periodic auditing of work product to identify redundant effort

  • Web-based case information management

  • Centralized data and document management

  • Quick access to all key information litigation-wide, for managing litigation, managing risk, and validating firm billing

Time and Expense Tracking

Tracking time and expenses is a critical, yet mundane, part of litigation. BMC Group makes it easy and accurate to report time and expenses on an individual and aggregate basis. Offers a centralized and secure place to collect time and expense data for all firms involved in a litigation. Each firm can log in individually and capture or upload relevant information. Lead counsel then can review entries, ensure compliance with Court requirements, and create reports with the touch of a button.

Time and Expense Tracking capabilities include:

  • Easy importing and exporting of data using standard formats

  • Web-based access for all co-counsel with role and firm based user rights

  • Online time and expense entries reporting and streamlined review process

  • Secure hosting in SAS 70 / FISMA environment

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