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Secure Web Hosting

BMC Group maintains the most sophisticated secure document solution for business collaboration and due diligence. Through years of research and refining, BMC has evolved its state of the art software and paired it with an ultra‐secure infrastructure providing top‐level customer support and system monitoring.

BMC Group takes care of systems development, testing, monitoring and support all in house. Our employee turnover rate is extremely low. These facts combine to help us maintain a solid historical knowledge as well as minimize security risks due to new employee learning curves.

BMC Group has partnered with Rackspace as its managed hosting provider. In this area, BMC Group architects and oversees all aspects of the network infrastructure, while Rackspace carries out the day to day monitoring and maintenance of the core equipment, connectivity, and power. Rackspace’s world class facility, 20+ redundant gigabit connections, top tier power grids, multiple strategic locations, and a dedicated support staff provide the foundation for the secure network.The production facility is located on BMC Group’s dedicated equipment at the Rackspace facility in Herndon, Virginia.

More Class Action & Mass Tort Technology

Call Centers for Class Communication

BMC Group provides a configurable call center service for your business to lower costs and optimize take rates. By managing our contact-centers on-site, we can rapidly launch a litigation support center for immediate use. Learn More

Secure Virtual Data Room

SmartRoom is a secure virtual data room that provides legal teams with the ability to share sensitive documentation, streamline workflow, and prepare data for use in legal cases. Learn More

Global Claims Processing

BMC Group is a leader in claims processing methods and procedures, and provides clients with high-quality, cost-effective settlement solutions involving fewer than 100 class members to more than 100 million records. Learn More

Data Management

We provide our clients with the highest standard of care to ensure the integrity of the class action settlement administration process, maintain the confidentiality of each settlement, and protect the rights of class members. Learn More


BMC Group provides 24/7, web-based access to case and class member information and critical reporting metrics. Learn More

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