SmartRoom Virtual Data Room

Why SmartRoom?

  • Deal Grade Support
  • Global Delivery
  • SmartRoom Modifications


SmartRoom requires no additional hardware or software, no expensive training programs and no IT resources. Non-technical employees can easily and frequently post information using familiar drag and drop features.

SmartRoom's State of the Art Encryption Technology

  • Data transmission key encryption at 1024 bits
  • SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) 128 bit encryption– a secure “tunnel” that scrambles your information while using any internet browser.
  • Secure, encrypted and random tokens are used to provide access to each document.
  • Documents in transit have no “magnetic” footprint anywhere, not even on your hard disk.
  • Database storage encrypted, no passwords are available to even internal staff.

Other important SmartRoom technical features:

  • Data Availability and Redundancy
  • Firewall Protection
  • Detail Logs & Event Tracking
  • User Login and Passwords
  • SAS 70 Type II Datacenters

With real-time access and dimensional security, SmartRoom Technology provides flexible capabilities that allow you to rapidly response to change.

Distributed Work Streams

Enables secure uploading concurrently from multiple locations around the globe to folders with granular security rights for this express purpose. Real-time rendering of documents can be distributed to a disparate working group without fear of unauthorized access to other room content.

Dynamic Indexing

Real-time rendering of the SmartRoom structure along with documents, artifacts, and folders geared to provide all audiences simple and quick access based on fluid deal team instructions. Our dynamic indexing is tuned to eliminate site layers and administrative barriers, as well as create the uniquely intended index representation to match the participants functional role.

Secure Viewer

Cutting edge physical, software and site administration security controls wrapped in a functionally rich content viewer. SmartRoom’s Variable Secure Viewing allows users to view information in native formats without conversion. If needed, information can be screen rendered without a plug-in to eliminate caching which leaves a ‘fingerprint’ behind on user’s local hard drives.

Smart Designer

A series of configurable objects that can be activated to maximize deal team efficiency and uniquely render the site to optimally portray the room experience and contents.