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Why SmartRoom?

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SmartRoom for Corporations

Many corporations are stifled with cumbersome paper processes and find it a challenge to store and manage sensitive documentation across multiple geographic locations, offices, and subsidiaries. Corporate administration including finance, accounting, legal, and HR struggle to solve the physical storage challenge of storing these materials and access to them, which ultimately, hampers corporate growth and expansion into other strategic opportunities for the company. With all these different functions and people involved, efficient management and effective collaboration become a prerequisite for success.

SmartRoom for corporations provides a secure, centralized repository for sharing, storing, and monitoring sensitive documents to ensure that all approved parties within your organization and outside can gain access all materials in real-time.

SmartRoom supports the following use cases:

  • Identifying and acquiring companies
  • Securing financing
  • Divesting of assets or divisions
  • Recruitment of a new management team
  • Plans for phasing in or out of certain markets or products
  • Tracking intellectual property