Document Scanning & Production

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Document Scanning & Production

BMC Group goes to great lengths to protect the confidentiality of the data maintained on behalf of our clients. We provide our clients with the highest standard of care to ensure the integrity of the class action settlement administration process, maintain the confidentiality of each settlement, and protect the rights of class members.

We meet the “high-water mark” of the varying regulatory requirements facing our clients. Exceeding the requirements of SAS 70, BMC Group is accredited under the Federal Information Security and Management Act to maintain critical and sensitive data regarding class members and potential claimants. In fact, the Federal agencies responsible for enforcing data privacy laws are counted among our clients. Regardless of a client’s compliance requirements, BMC Group will exceed their expectations.

In case such as this one, where millions of claims with sensitive information are being submitted online, it is imperative that the proper controls and security are in place to ensure protection of sensitive consumer data. BMC Group has the only online claims submission process that has been reviewed, tested, and approved for use by the Federal Trade Commission – the federal agency tasked with enforcing consumer protection and data privacy laws. This combined with our high level security standards ensures that every protection will be taken to protect consumers submitting information online. This is critical given the SBE’s requirement to collect TIN (Social Security number or FEIN) for each claimant.

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