Case Management

Class Action & Mass Tort Services

Why BMC Group?

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Case Management

BMC Group project managers assist you in detailing out all of the functional aspects of administering your case in the most efficient and effective manner. We will create a master plan includes every aspect of documented process and ensures that all objectives have been identified and agreed upon by all parties.

Details include:

  • Court Ordered Dates
  • Disbursement Dates
  • Class Member Location Determination Processes
  • Follow Up Procedures
  • Conditional and Situational Guidelines
  • Confidential Information Release Procedures
  • Qualified Settlement Fund Information
  • Tax Processing Procedures

Our Project Managers Understand Your Needs

Our seasoned project managers and their teams are very familiar with all aspects our clients face throughout the life of a case. From notifying class members, to following strict court mandated guidelines, to disbursing settlement payouts, we have provided support and alternative solutions for almost every variable.

Coordinate objection processing, provide objection reporting, prepare omnibus exhibits, and track orders on objections. BMC Group provides analysis with every click gaining insight into the deal process. You can assess all activity to gain a better understanding of behaviors for early case assessment and driving organizational efficiency.