Class Action & Mass Tort Administration

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Class Action & Mass Tort Services

BMC Group offers a full service cloud-based solution that incorporates the secure technology and services for class action and mass tort settlement administration. Our solution ensures the confidentiality of information is maintained on behalf of our clients and we provide a full-time staff devoted to overseeing all administrative processes, from employment and personnel practices to building and data security.

BMC Group provides our clients with the ability to extend their legal services – without the costly investment of maintain administrative staff or technical infrastructure.

Class Action Services include:

Skilled Class Action & Mass Tort Claims Agent

With team experience dating back to the first MDL litigation of the 1970s, we have helped clients administer settlements involving billions of dollars and hundreds of millions of class members. BMC Group provides comprehensive litigation lifecycle solutions to trial lawyers and clients so they can focus on winning.

Trusted Partner

BMC Group Class Action Services provides consulting and administration services for class action and mass tort settlements. Our focused consulting services effectively control expenses and reduce the time from settlement to distribution.

Expert Notice, Settlement and Distribution Management

BMC Group provides a full suite of solutions supporting mass tort litigation, from identifying potential victims through claims/release processing and the distribution of settlement funds. We also provide corporate clients with on-demand communications and data, and image processing services – all administered in the United States.