Chronologies and Medical Summaries

Medical Record Review

Chronologies and Medical Summaries

BMC Group has established a fully integrated case management workflow process for our legal nurse consultant and review teams across the globe. We set the industry standard for presenting medical chronologies and analysis reports to legal teams. We organize medical charts down to the document level even before we start our medical records review work. Once organized and indexed, our legal nurse consulting team efficiently creates chronologies hyperlinked to the underlying source documents.

Medical Records Organization and Indexing

Medical records coming from record retrieval companies and medical providers are often disorganized and therefore not ready for attorney and paralegal review. This chaos is all the more challenging when voluminous amounts of records are retrieved from across several different facilities.

BMC Group leverages smart technology to create a painless solution that efficiently organizes and indexes medical records down to document level with ease and accuracy. Medical records are organized according to a flexible set of categories including document type, facilities or location, and provider. BMC Group offers a comprehensive, dynamic indexing solution that allows customized and filtered views for immediate analysis.

Chronology and Medical Summaries

Creating chronology reports and medical summaries is a tedious process of sifting through stacks of paper and typing chronologies using word processors. Not only is this process very expensive, inefficient, and prone to errors, but it is also not secure.

BMC Group has a team of experienced nurse reviewers and legal nurse consultants who efficiently build medical record chronologies and medical summaries using a secure, cloud-based proprietary technology platform. This world-class platform provides a fully integrated collaborative review workspace for abstraction and transcription. The abstraction workspace capabilities include word highlighting, box highlighting, annotation, voice/audio notes, and dictation. The transcription capabilities include a full feature word processor, spell check, and foot pedal integration. In addition, all chronologies are hyperlinked to electronic copies of underlying medical records for rapid assimilation during the review process.

Additional Services:
Key Points and Analysis Reports

Key points and analysis reports are an add-on service to the chronology reports and medical summaries services. The key points and analysis reports are provided by a fully vetted team of legal nurse consultants who have individually achieved several years of clinical and legal nursing consulting experience.

Secure Access to Cloud-Based and PDF-Based Work Products

BMC Group further sets itself apart not only by the work products that are developed but also by how work products are presented and delivered. Work products are available from a secure cloud-based platform. Law firms and other in-house legal teams can provide access anywhere, anytime to associates who can concurrently review materials housed on the platform for faster review cycles. For added flexibility, work products can be delivered as PDF files in customizable format and layout.

Work products include an Executive Summary, Key Points and Analysis reports, and the Chronology report in addition to the Indexed Medical Records.

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