Medical Record Technology Services

Medical Record Review

Medical Record Technology Services

Medical record analysis has long been characterized by stacks of paper records typed into word-processing programs. BMC Group has re-engineered how medical records are reviewed and analyzed as our process is entirely paperless. This next generation system shifts medical-record review and analysis to a centralized collaboration program hosted in the cloud. BMC Group's medical review processing and technology platform eliminates inefficiencies and provides you with a superior solution at a lower cost.

Smart Technology

Manual, paper-based processes including entering patient case chronology, making copies of medical records for shipping, and utilizing expert witnesses who review unorganized sets of records are expensive and inefficient. BMC Group provides a fast and efficient way to process medical records by utilizing a secure, collaborative technology platform.

Smart Processes

BMC Group has established a fully vetted case management process for our legal nurse consultant teams and nurse processing review teams across the globe. Our team of experts organizes medical charts down to the document level before we even start our medical records review work. Once organized and indexed, our legal nurse consulting team efficiently creates record chronologies hyperlinked to the underlying source documents. BMC Group sets the industry standard for developing best-in-class medical chronologies and analysis reports available for legal teams.

Types of Cases

BMC Group has been processing and reviewing hundreds of thousands of medical records since 2009. Cases range from the standard personal injury cases, products and general liability, workers' compensation cases, to the non-standard elderly abuse and nursing home cases, disability, medical malpractice, mass torts, etc. Our teams are also competent in handling Medicare set aside reviews.

Record Retrieval Call Center

BMC Group has also supported clients with outbound medical record retrieval call center requirements. Our outbound call center team is competent to conduct data mining and research in order to build a database of locations, facilities, providers, custodians of various medical records, and contact information. The team performs the outbound calls to verify database information and then creates search keys to allow fully automated noticing and mailings of subpoenas and records requests.

More Medical Record Review

Chronologies and Medical Summaries

Utilizing robust workflow processes and best-in-class technology, BMC Group has a network of experienced legal nurse consultants, and a team of physician and nurse reviewers that provide reliable and cost-effective chronologies and medical summaries for ultimate scalability.
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Clinical Trials

Securely protect information, reduce costs, and streamline processes from physician and patient recruitment to the management of CRF and FDA submissions. BMC Group provides turnkey solutions to pharmaceutical, medical device sponsors, and Clinical Research Organizations (CRO). Learn More

Private Healthcare and Physician Review Advisory Services

Securely and confidentially submit medical records and other private health and wellness information for proactive advisory and health guardianship. BMC Group provides a competent team of specialists and physician reviewers. Learn More

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