Medical Record Services

Medical Record Review

Medical Record Services

BMC Group has re-engineered how medical records are reviewed and analyzed and how work products are created. Our process is entirely paperless — without any manual word processing. This next generation system shifts medical-record review and analysis to a centralized collaboration program hosted in the cloud. BMC Group's medical review processing and technology platform eliminates inefficiencies — and provides you with a superior solution at a lower cost.

Clinical Trials

With R&D costs rising and discovery pipelines delaying, life sciences organizations are looking for ways to improve operational efficiencies, while reducing overall costs. BMC Group provides pharmaceutical companies, clinical research firms, and medical device companies a secure solution for business development and licensing, clinical study control, and safety document collaboration. The solution ensures greater protection of critical information, reduces overall costs, and streamlines processes.

Worker Comp / Personal Injury

With worker compensation and personal injury claims on the rise, BMC Group provides specialized legal nurse consultants to support law professionals interpret medical records and educate on medical terminology to achieve the best possible outcome. Our skilled nurses have deep expertise with medical records, and are well suited to provide critical analysis of health care facts.

Insurance Settlements

BMC Group has the knowledge and experience to execute any insurance settlement disbursement successfully, whether it is a single, automated event or recurring distribution. Our proactive approach controls every aspect of the funds disbursement process ensuring that all funds and data are properly secured and managed. We follow rigorous security and quality standards that exceed those set within the banking and federal government sectors. Not only is BMC Group SAS 70-certified, but we have been entrusted by the federal government to manage funds on their behalf.

Our funds distribution process includes:

  • Strict fraud controls on printing of checks
  • Pre-mailing audit to confirm accuracy
  • Positive pay comparisons
  • Post-distribution analysis

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