Dimensional Security

SmartRoom Virtual Data Room

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Dimensional Security

SmartRoom provides the most advanced dimensional security controls of any virtual data room solution on the market.

With SmartRoom, there’s never a time-consuming delay in publishing data to your virtual data room. After you upload your content, you can make it immediately available to your users based on their unique security profiles. That keeps your due-diligence teams on track to deliver on time and on budget. It’s the virtual data room that works like you work – mirroring your process and staging the company in real time.

Our solution protects sensitive information against unauthorized access, while maintaining confidentiality and privacy. Powerful, yet simple security controls grant your users rights to view or perform tasks in your virtual document documents and folders. Each room uses a segregated database to ensure maximum levels of dimensional security.

Secure Viewer allows users to view information in native formats without the need for conversion, while providing the most advanced physical, software and site administration security controls for managing user access and permissions. For added security, you can render information on the screen without a plug-in, eliminating the caching that would leave a “fingerprint” behind on a user’s local hard drive.