SmartRoom Modifications

SmartRoom Virtual Data Room

Why SmartRoom?

  • Deal Grade Support
  • Global Delivery
  • SmartRoom Modifications

SmartRoom Modifications

As a cloud-based system, SmartRoom can easily be modified to extend functionality beyond traditional file sharing capabilities that other data rooms are designed to handle. SmartRoom was built with flexibility in mind and can be set up with expanded workflows, customized alerts, site branding and personalization, specialized event-specific features, and modular reporting.

SmartRoom can support a variety of business changes:

  • Due diligence
  • Sell-side mandates
  • Buy-side target review
  • Asset-backed security data review
  • Small business ownership transfers
  • Private equity or venture capital funding activity
  • Family business succession
  • Venture capital/private equity liquidity events
  • Commercial and corporate real estate ventures