Real-Time Deployment

SmartRoom Virtual Data Room

Why SmartRoom?

  • Deal Grade Support
  • Global Delivery
  • SmartRoom Modifications

Real-Time Deployment

SmartRoom is where people and data meet at the virtual table. No matter where in the world they are, your teams can meet confidently, with real-time access to share documents, access files and complete the deal’s due diligence.

It’s the virtual data room that works like you work, mirroring your process and providing you with real-time access to the documents and data you need to stage the company and perform due diligence.

With SmartRoom, there’s never a time-consuming delay in publishing data to the site. After you upload your content, you can make it immediately available to your users based on their individual security profiles. Real-time editing and indexing tools let you make changes quickly. That keeps your due-diligence teams on track to deliver on time and on budget.

SmartRoom works like you work, making information instantly available to your users based on their unique security profiles.